[sword-devel] Module making

David Bell david.bell at bluebottle.com
Fri Dec 8 01:09:05 MST 2006

On 07/12/2006, at 14:57, Greg Hellings wrote:

>>> 1. Within the MacSword project (great to see interest in MacSword--
>>> it's a great project!) are there native tools that would handle
>>> imp2mod or vpl2mod? Or do we all have to use the win32 tools?
>> The tools should be able to be built on a Mac. You will need to
>> obtain and install icu and lucene. Since Mac OSX is a version of Unix
>> and has GNU's compilers, you can follow any of the discussions on
>> this mailing list on how to build them.
> As of this past summer, DM's statement was tried and true.  I was able
> to build both the latest stable as well as the svn versions of sword
> by just popping into a terminal window and running ./usrinst.sh with
> make and make install (I tried it both with the .sh wrapper and the
> ../configure directly - both worked fine).
Great! I would like to build the latest stable version myself, but  
unfortunately I need some instructions. Could you point me to a place  
where I can learn what I need to learn to be able to build it myself?  
>>> 2. Has anyone ever thought of putting together a disk image of a
>>> basic *nix system that could be used with emulation (Q) on
>>> different platforms (especially MacOS PPC) to build modules? This
>>> disk would contain all of the necessary files to make sure all of
>>> the win32 binaries run and do their thing.
>> I don't know if this has come up before. The intention is that the
>> Sword engine and utilities can be built on Mac. If someone were to
>> build them as universal binaries, we'd be glad to host them.

> What do you mean here?  When you are asking for a disk image, are you
> talking some sort of iso to burn onto a CD that could be used to run a
> whole emulated operating system?  Basically a LiveCD that would come
> equipped with all of the sword libraries pre-compiled?  I believe
> there are already projects out like that.  I remember talk about
> something named Ichthus or something along those lines.  You might
> want to look into that.

If I can build the tools myself, then this is not necessary. The idea  
was to have a developers environment that comes completely prepared  
to make sword modules on a virtual machine. A person could download a  
disk image for his virtual machine and automatically have all the  
tools he needed installed there.



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