[sword-devel] KJV 2006 5th beta

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Apr 21 12:13:49 MST 2006


I'm sorry to take so long in responding--I've just been really busy with 
school. I'll take up the issues with <divineName> on the OSIS list.

In general, it will probably be beneficial for you to understand how the 
process of OSIS meetings and example markup writing works. We have had 
meetings to discuss OSIS every 6 months to 1 year since the initial 
conference where it was decreed that OSIS would be developed. In between 
the meetings (sometimes at nights during the meetings even) people work 
on text markup, generally for some project they have or for an agency 
that is paying them to OSISize their text.

I think everyone kind of has their own style of OSIS encoding. Some 
people like to be minimalist (I would say I'm in that camp). Others like 
to be verbose. And then some people are just wrong and violate the 
standard in various ways. Except for the last set, it's all still valid 
OSIS. It might not be best practice conformant OSIS if it doesn't 
include certain minimal features, but that's sort of a tangent issue.

After people create the texts, they are frequently examined at the next 
OSIS meeting--especially if they encountered problems or have 
improvements to suggest based on experiences they had with markup. Then 
those examples go on to live lives of their own once they get 
incorporated into the manual--whether or not they were especially good 
examples of clean and proper OSIS.

My suggestion would be to not stray too far from the section actually 
discussing a particular tag when examining how that tag should be used. 
Specifically, you should take the example of <divineName> usage from the 
section specifically discussing it. The instance where it occurs with an 
x-yhwh is in the <l> section of the poetry tagging discussion, and it 
probably just wasn't noticed that this bit of non-standard markup was 


DM Smith wrote:
> Chris,
>    I really appreciate you input! I do have a few questions and some 
> thoughts I'd like you to respond to. See below.
> DM
> Chris Little wrote:
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> This beta corrects mistakes reported against the last beta. And also 
>>> does the following:
>>> Divine Name:
>>> All divine names are tagged with <divineName> (most were already).
>>> If the underlying strong's number is 3050 (YH), 3068 or 3069 (YHWH), 
>>> I have added the type x-yhwh.
>>> For those instances where the name is a compound with YHWH, the type 
>>> is x-yhwh and the subtype is a transliteration of the hebrew of the 
>>> compound part, e.g. x-tsidkenu.
>>> There were also a few cases of JESUS in all caps. This is with the 
>>> type x-jesus.
>>> When the divine name  is in a <transChange> or a <note> I have tagged 
>>> it without a type.
>>> I also wrapped 2 instances of BRANCH in all caps with divineName as 
>>> it appears that this is what the KJV was trying to communicate in 
>>> making it all caps.
>>> In all of these instances I have changed the word to begin with a 
>>> capital letter and be followed with lower case. The intention is that 
>>> these should be rendered with small-caps.
>>> Questions: Should these be left as all caps? Can the front-ends 
>>> render this?
>> <divineName> is currently only intended for translations of Yahweh 
>> (Strong's numbers 3050, 3068, & 3069). We debated whether it should be 
>> used for marking Jesus or other deities named in the Bible or other 
>> works, but ultimately decided that we should limit it to exclusively 
>> Yahweh. We discussed adding types but, ultimately, decided not to 
>> since the only valid type this leaves was "yhwh" or "Yahweh".
>> If you think the situation should be otherwise, you should make the 
>> case for a change on osis-user.
> It's not that I think it should be otherwise. I was following the 
> guidance of the OSIS user's manual. I just checked the most recent one 
> which give the guidance
> (And I quote):
>> 13.4. divineName
>> The divineName element is used only for the Deity. Angels, demons, 
>> idols, and the like should be tagged
>> with <name type='nonhuman'> For example:
>> <divineName>El Shaddai</divineName>
> In this case El Shaddai is not YHWH. See 
> http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Names_of_G-d/El/el.html for the Hebrew.
> Given "El Shaddai" there a lot more that could be tagged (which I did not.)
> Also, in another place in the manual it explicitly give an example with 
> a divineName having a type of x-yhwh. To me this implies that the tag is 
> to for more than just the yhwh.
> I don't have a problem with limiting it to YHWH. (It is an easy change.) 
> But what about when it is given as the name of God in combination with 
> another word as in yhwh-tsidkenu, The LORD is our righteousness. (i.e. 
> strong's numbers 3070-3074)
> As to Jesus, I only tagged the two occurrences where the KJV had it in 
> all caps. In context, these are being ascribed the name of the Deity.

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