[sword-devel] KJV 2006 5th beta

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 18:49:07 MST 2006

I took another look at the OSIS manual and the foreign element is 
appropriate for the ALEPH, BETH, .... There still is no clear way to 
indicate the original, though the n attribute looks as good as any.

DM Smith wrote:
> Chris,
>    I really appreciate you input! I do have a few questions and some 
> thoughts I'd like you to respond to. See below.
> DM
> Chris Little wrote:
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> Acrostic titles in Psalm 119:
>>> I have added the attribute xlit to each <w> element surrounding the 
>>> transliteration of the Hebrew alphabet letter (e.g. ALEPH) and set 
>>> the value to the Hebrew character. This is not intended for display, 
>>> but for completeness.
>> Something doesn't seem quite right here. I would have no problem with 
>> <w xlit="aleph">א</w>, but <w xlit="א">ALEPH</w> doesn't seem right. 
>> And I don't really know that I have the right answer here, but 
>> gloss="he:א" or lemma="he:א" seem like they would be slightly better. 
>> Ultimately, I think the n attribute is the closest to the correct 
>> place to hang the Hebrew letter (n="א"), but it may be better on the 
>> container of the whole acrostic section.
> I am not at all sure what's best here, either. This doesn't feel right 
> to me either. And I can leave it out altogether for another day. It is 
> my addition to the markup, as it is not in the KJV 1769 (or 1611 for 
> that matter.)
> I took my lead from some ThML I had seen which marked every 
> transliteration into English letters with the language it was derived 
> from, though not with the actual word it was from.
> I took a look at the manual with regard to the n attribute. The 
> guidance with regard to its use is vague. It is used as a note marker 
> (which the manual discourages), as the original numbering of a text 
> that has a different numbering, as the actual number of a chapter.
> So, for now, I'll leave it out. I'll check with osis-users to see what 
> guidance they provide.

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