[sword-devel] how to get strongs numbers from KJV2003 module?

John Walther djw at reactor-core.org
Mon Oct 24 12:16:13 MST 2005

>>If someone can show me how diatheke is retrieving the strong's numbers,
>>I'd be happy to trace the code back from there.
>Unfortunately, I am not of much help here. I program JSword, not Sword.

Thanks DM, it seems a little clearer, but still not in any way that
helps me to programmatically convert a <w > tag pair to into a strong's

Are there any diatheke authors present?

I cannot just parse diatheke output, but I need to know which section of
text the strong's number applys to, not just the approximate region
where it is found.

>By the way, what are you going to do once you get the Strong's number?

Highlight the word or phrase that the number corresponds to.


On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 07:49:02AM -0400, DM Smith wrote:
>John Walther wrote:
>>On Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 08:10:51PM -0400, DM Smith wrote:
>>>N-GSM keys into Robinsons module to give the part of speech.
>>>Likewise for THxxxx. These are Thayer's numbers, but there is not a 
>>>Thayer's module yet.
>>>Strong's numbers are of the form:
>>>lemma="x-Strongs:H03092" in the OT
>>>lemma="x-Strongs:G3588" in the NT
>>>Note that the numbers start with H for Hebrew and G for Greek.
>>>In other modules you may find:
>>>(Troy has suggested that this be the form for all new modules.)
>>Thanks DM, it does help a bit.  But I'm still lost.  I'm a really raw
>>Sword newbie.  How can I take something like
>>   robinson:N-GSM,x-Robinson:N-GSM,4
>>and get the appropriate strongs number from it?
>You can't. It is not a strongs number but a Greek morphology reference.
>the N-GSM can be used as a key for lookup in the module robinson.
>>Is there a library function I can use?  I tried looking at how diatheke
>>did it, but it looks like the all the functionality is hidden away
>>And since x-StrongsMorph:TH8686 is not a Strong's number after all, how
>>do I get the strong's number from it?  Is there a library function?
>This also is not a Strongs number but a Hebrew morphology reference. 
>There is no Thayer's module.
>For those of the form lemma="[x-Strongs|strong]:[GH][0-9]{1-5}" I think 
>you will need to parse the field yourself.
>Also, the lemma can list more than one Strongs number. In this case they 
>are separated by a space, ' ' or a pipe, '|'.
>According to Troy, a space is what should be used in the future.
>If you are going to do a lookup, you use the G or H to determine which 
>module to use.
>Then you take the number and 0 fill it to 5 characters and use that as a 
>lookup key.
>>God bless.
>>>>Hi.  When I run mod2osis I get nice strongs numbers for the old
>>>>testament, but when I get to the new testament, I get this sort of
>>>>    lemma="robinson:N-GSM" morph="x-Robinson:N-GSM" src="4"
>>>>Also, even in the Old Testament, I'm not sure what to do; how do I get
>>>>the strongs number from something like this:
>>>>    lemma="strongMorph:TH8686" morph="x-StrongsMorph:TH8686"
>>>>How do I turn those fields and arguments into actual strong's numbers?
>>>>Any help will be appreciated.  I'm trying to add some Strong's type
>>>>capabilities to the command line "bible-kjv" program that comes with
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