[sword-devel] How do I encode osisRefs to lexicons?

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 13:02:46 MST 2005

Joachim Ansorg wrote:

>thank you (and Chris) for your replies.
>>The osisRef can have an optional prefix followed by a colon. In your
>>example it is MyLexName. If it is not present the OSIS manual says that
>>it refers to the same work. So <reference osisRef="Eve">See
>>Eve</reference> is proper.
>>I understand that this also means that if we have references to
>>something outside of the work that it needs to have the prefix as in
>><reference osisRef="Bible:Gen.1.1">See Genesis 1:1</reference>
>Shouldn't the prefix refer to an OSISWork? Or is Bible defined for that. I 
>don't remember I read that in the OSIS manual. But I don't know that too 
>If it refers to a work we probably need to define some Sword standard works 
>like Bible, Commentary to refer to the standard Bible or commentary. Or am I 
>wrong here?
>Which raises the following question for me: How do I link from a Bible into a 
>lexicon? Or into a (default) commentary?
I think that this is something that the GUIs can do better. We already 
have <w lemma="..." morph="...">word</w> for references to Strongs and 
Robinson. And some provide dictionary and commentary lookup. So do we 
need references out of a Bible and into other works? And if we have it 
won't most GUIs ignore it? And if the work were not installed, should 
the program interrupt the user and offer the chance to download it? What 
if it did not exist? ....

>I'm confused, please help me :)
Joachim, the following only addresses the use of "Bible:" from a dictionary.

As I understand this Bible: can be a reference into "any" bible. (Of 
course, this begs the question of which verse system. My guess is that 
for an alternate v10n system that it would be something like 
Bible.v10nsystem: where v10nsystem is the v10nsystem that you want. Or 
Bible.Work if a specific work is requested.)

Here is the section from the OSIS 2.0.1 manual (found at: 
http://www.bibletechnologies.net/UserManualandSchema.dsp) that deals 
with prefixes:

22.1. Prefix: (optional)
The prefix to an osisID must contain at least one letter, number or 
underscore, that may be followed by any number of letters, numbers or 
underscores, separated by periods, and concluding in a colon ":". Note 
that if you use a prefix, the colon is required. The prefix is optional. 
Note that if you omit the prefix on an osisRef, it is optional after 
all, your reference can only point to another location in the OSIS text 
where you are inserting the osisRef. This
is the equivalent of the osisID without a prefix, it defaults to the 
text that you are working in at the moment. For purposed of 
illustration, all the osisRefs shown below have the prefix attached.
Some examples of valid prefixes include:
• Bible:
• Bible.French:
• Spurgeon.Commentaries_Job:

>>Also, I am under the impression that in a proper OSIS document that
>>every osisRef refers to something that is marked up with an osisID. In
>>the case of new OSIS Bible modules the <verse> tag is present, but older
>>ones it is implicit.
>The 1.5.8 utils don't include verse tags but I think Troy gave his ok for 
>changes after 1.5.8.
>I'd be glad to some Sword guidelines so frontend developers know what do do or 
>what to expect.
>That brings up the question of start and end marker handling which are in 
>different verses.
At least one OSIS module already has begin and end verse markers. I 
think that Chris stated that it is preferable to use verse milestones to 
mark the beginning and the end of a verse and not use the verse as a 
container element.


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