[sword-devel] Re: Another typo fixed in PorAA

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Thu Jun 2 16:47:10 MST 2005


> > Let me know if that module looks fine for you.
> 	It does, indeed!  Thanks a lot, this will make it easier for
> GnomeSword to spread in Brazil and elsewhere.

I'm sorry. Chris asked me to take it offline until the copyright is clear.
I'm sorry for my confusion, Chris is right that we have to make sure we don't 
infringe a copyright.
I hope it's online again, soon.

> 	On an unrelated note, in my locale I get to see the Bible book
> names in my own language.  Problem is, accented characters don't show,
> nor anything following them.  This is just in the UI, the text itself
> is OK.  Right now this is the most annoying thing in GnomeSword.  What
> would be the canonical way of reporting this bug?

Mh, I don't know anything about GnomeSword's internals. I'd suggest to report 
it to it's bug tracker.

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