[sword-devel] Sword for VB

Greg Marine gregmarine at iccnet.org
Tue Jan 11 18:16:21 MST 2005

Thank you Chris! I'll have a look at the older stable one. For now, I'm 
just doing a proof of concept for the front end of things, so I may not 
need any code updates to the ActiveX control for Sword. Although there 
may be some Visual Studio folks out there who might be interested in 
that control.

I appreciate the pointer. I'll check it out!

God Bless <><

Chris Little wrote:

> There's an ActiveX control for Sword, but it is extremely old and is 
> now unsupported. Still, if you think you really want to use this 
> approach, it would not be very hard to update the control to handle 
> all of Sword's recent feature additions.
> The control is available at 
> ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/frontend/diatheke/. It is called 
> ActiveDiatheke. The newer of those two files is buggy, I am told, but 
> it has more features than the older, stable one.  The source code in 
> SVN is probably even more complete.
> --Chris
> Greg Marine wrote:
>> Has anyone attempted to create a Sword application using Visual 
>> Basic? Or at least, does anyone know how one might do so? I would 
>> like to set references to the Sword API and use VB to create a front 
>> end. In the end, I'm mostly interested in bridging the cap between 
>> the Sword API and Mozilla's Gecko engine. They have an easy to use 
>> ActiveX control I can use in VB. This is the only reason I would even 
>> imagine doing a Sword front end in VB. I plan to eventually migrate 
>> to using Java as an XPCOM bridge between the Sword API (actually 
>> JSword) and Mozilla's Gecko engine. This would allow me to make the 
>> front end cross platform. But I want to create a proof of concept 
>> using VB first. Any help is appreciated.
>> God Bless <><
>> Greg
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