[sword-devel] Layout of the conf.

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 11:11:17 MST 2005

Chris Little wrote:

> DM Smith wrote:
>> Chris Little wrote:
>>> This was an error in the Wiki. LexiconFrom/LexiconTo should have 
>>> been GlossaryFrom/GlossaryTo.
>>> They indicate the language that a glossary goes from/to.
>> If LexiconFrom and LexiconTo are errors then there are two conf's 
>> that need to change.
>> These are:
>> eren_id and erid_en
> On second thought, I may change all of these to Lexicon* instead of 
> Glossary* since Lexicon* is a little more general and would make sense 
> for the Strong's Lexicons, etc. At the moment it doesn't much matter 
> since nothing uses these values yet. (The two Indonesian glossaries 
> were the first I did about 3 years ago, so that's why they got 
> different tags.)

Either way works for me. JSword is using these values to lookup the full 
text version of the language code and presenting that in a viewer. And 
we will be using them to classify the "Lexicon" as to which language 
they are either from or to.

While LexiconFrom and LexiconTo may be a better choice. They will apply 
to a Feature of Glossary and a Category of Glossaries. And you will need 
to change 110 confs, instead of 2.

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