[sword-devel] Layout of the conf.

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 11:20:57 MST 2005

Chris, I see the updates that you did, but I think you missed 

Another question:

Are these the only Fields that can be repeated?
For Obsoletes, how should it indicate if there are multiple values? The 
module making page was not clear. It said a list. So my guess that it 
allows the Field to be repeated. (as is the case in wulfia and tr)

I found the following repeats other than the above
swe1917 has a duplicate entry for ModDrv
webstersdict has duplicate entries for TextSource, LCSH and Distribution 
murdock has duplicate entry for Lang.
dan has LCSH repeated. Once is Bible. Danish. And the other is Bible. 
English. (note: Lang is da)

Rather than sending another zip with corrections, I'll hold off for now. 
I'll probably find more problems.

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