[sword-devel] Layout of the conf.

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 10:27:41 MST 2005

Chris Little wrote:

> DM Smith wrote:
>> I have found some fields that are not mentioned in either the module 
>> making page or in the ConfFileLayout twiki.
>> GlossaryFrom, GlossaryTo (in 110 confs)
>> Can someone describe what this field is and how Sword uses it?
> This was an error in the Wiki. LexiconFrom/LexiconTo should have been 
> GlossaryFrom/GlossaryTo.
> They indicate the language that a glossary goes from/to.

If LexiconFrom and LexiconTo are errors then there are two conf's that 
need to change.
These are:
eren_id and erid_en

>> OSISqToTick (in thaikjv) with a single value of false.
>> How about this one?
> If a file uses OSIS and uses <q> elements but those elements are not 
> supposed to be rendered as quotation marks, this should be false. 
> (Wiki is updated.)
> The corrections to the other conf files have been made on the server. 
> This was odd because I know I've corrected some of these in the past.

I thought I posted some of these in the past, but it was around the time 
that we migrated servers. I am finding a few more problems and will note 
them in another post.

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