[sword-devel] Layout of the conf.

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Feb 19 09:55:17 MST 2005

DM Smith wrote:
> I have found some fields that are not mentioned in either the module 
> making page or in the ConfFileLayout twiki.
> GlossaryFrom, GlossaryTo (in 110 confs)
> Can someone describe what this field is and how Sword uses it?

This was an error in the Wiki. LexiconFrom/LexiconTo should have been 

They indicate the language that a glossary goes from/to.

> OSISqToTick (in thaikjv) with a single value of false.
> How about this one?

If a file uses OSIS and uses <q> elements but those elements are not 
supposed to be rendered as quotation marks, this should be false. (Wiki 
is updated.)

The corrections to the other conf files have been made on the server. 
This was odd because I know I've corrected some of these in the past.


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