[sword-devel] Does "Open Source" scare off publishers? [Was: Onething That I would like to see...]

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Thu Feb 17 10:53:23 MST 2005

> We don't rely on compression and closed formats to hide data. Other
> Bible software does, to the extent of my knowledge, do this. Our
data is
> actually encrypted. In order to access it you either need the actual
> cipher key to unlock it or you need a PhD in CS with an emphasis in
> cryptography in order to discover an exploit in the cryptographic

Sorry, I was unclear that I meant to be referencing the Bible texts
that CrossWire makes available for no charge, such as MKJV, LITV, RSV,
and some others. I believe that their publishers tend to be careful
about copyright permissions ... you have to do more than just ask

There isn't any sapphire encryption technology involved with these
modules, is there?

My impression is that an individual can actually go to the respective
publisher's website or a catalog and find these Bibles for sale. They
might be actually carried in a large Christian bookstore, or a smaller
bookstore could order them for you.

My point is that these publishers have actually taken on some risk
that cooperation with sword will cut into their sales. They could lose
revenue due to unethical "verse mongers".

An aside:
My impression is that these "mid-tier in popularity" Bible texts are
not anywhere close to being best sellers. Their motives may be more or
less to make His Word available. They may also be doing this to see if
it gains them greater visibility, which might translate into increased
sales. (couple more 'crusts' ... which I have no problem with  ...
like the old Avis ad ... we're not #1 or #2 so we try harder)

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