[sword-devel] Does "Open Source" scare off publishers? [Was: Onething That I would like to see...]

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Feb 17 13:10:13 MST 2005

Lynn Allan wrote:
> Sorry, I was unclear that I meant to be referencing the Bible texts
> that CrossWire makes available for no charge, such as MKJV, LITV, RSV,
> and some others. I believe that their publishers tend to be careful
> about copyright permissions ... you have to do more than just ask
> politely.

Asking politely is how we got permission to distribute Green's LitV & 
MKJV and the God's Word translation.

> There isn't any sapphire encryption technology involved with these
> modules, is there?


> My impression is that an individual can actually go to the respective
> publisher's website or a catalog and find these Bibles for sale. They
> might be actually carried in a large Christian bookstore, or a smaller
> bookstore could order them for you.

Sometimes and sort of. For example, you can get Green's Literal Version, 
but to my knowledge it's still only available in the form of his 
interlinear Bible. The RSV is considered old. It's no longer their 
flagship product. And many of these translations you'd have never heard 
of if they didn't give electronic copies away.

> My point is that these publishers have actually taken on some risk
> that cooperation with sword will cut into their sales. They could lose
> revenue due to unethical "verse mongers".

We're not exactly the only source for these translations. Most are 
available in full in files posted on the web. Almost all are available 
through web Bibles like Bible Gateway.

You keep using this phrase "verse mongers" and, while it evokes a great 
image of a Shylock-type character, running about trying to steal Bibles, 
I don't exactly see what purpose you think this hypothetical person has 
for these pilfered goods. Is he *gasp* going to import them into some 
other program? I don't think the Bible publishers who grant _us_ 
permission to distribute would much care if people used their work in 
other programs. Is he going to try to print copies off? That's a pretty 
bad idea since it will cost him more than a bound copy. I just don't see 
any validity to this hypothetical case.


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