[sword-devel] Does "Open Source" scare off publishers? [Was: Onething That I would like to see...]

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IMHO sending professionally written letters could be a good idea /even
if they are being sent several times a day by many amateurs/. 
A short guide "how to apply for copyrights" and some examples of very
polite letters (maybe kind requests to allow to make source text a
freely distributable e-module for free Bible programs? as this is the
most optimistic scenario?) somewhere in the web could be of great value.
Some kind of information concerning who, where and when applied would be
OK, of course. 
I personally don't believe that it could be possible to handle all
things concerning copyrights at all over the world by one company or
society, without help of local volunteers (e.g. from Poland, Russia,
Iraq, Vietnam etc.;)
Besides, saying "no, thanks" to voluneers would be an attitude that
makes project more close and less open;) 
(and what sucks more than open projects?...)
Of course, this is my absolutely private opinion.
Wojciech Bartminski
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Remember: we do not know whether the publishers of most Bibles would be 
willing to distribute Bibles in Sword format because we have not asked. 
We have not had the personnel sufficient to seek out distribution rights

in a professional manner. Legions of users spamming publishers with 
emails saying, "I demand that you give me a free copy of your Bible!" is

amateurish and pointless.
The above is what I am trying to get at.  It doesn't seem as if any one
from Crosswire has been trying to do anything and send off dumb e-mail
saying what you pointed out is indead pointless.
I realize that as a non-profit it is hard to pay for employees
especially ones to do one specific thing.  I don't really know exactly
what all it is like to work at Crosswire but I must imagine that you do
a lot and do more than just one thing.  That you all have many jobs to
--David Abbott

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