Applying for copyright maintainer - cease and desist Re: [sword-devel] One thing That I would like to see...

DM Smith dmsmith555 at
Wed Feb 16 17:53:11 MST 2005

I think that until locked modules are supported by crosswire that there 
should be no mention of them.
As I poked around, looking in the application, the application's help, 
the web site's module pages, the web site's explanation of locked 
modules, the server's listing of zero length files which are created by 
people trying to download locked modules, I became convinced that it is 

I've looked at the JSP for the module pages and I think that it would be 
easy to change it to not list locked modules altogether.
If we can come to agreement as to what should be done, I would be 
willing to do the work.

Chris Little wrote:

> And the little "locked" links on the website should definitely go 
> away. They're incredibly confusing to users and misrepresent the 
> actual state of affairs.

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