Applying for copyright maintainer - cease and desist Re: [sword-devel] One thing That I would like to see...

Chris Little chrislit at
Wed Feb 16 17:23:37 MST 2005

Daniel Glassey wrote:
> OK, subject to anyone objecting I am asking to take over copyright
> duties (I have emailed people already with some ideas but Troy is
> offline at the mo).

I'm of two minds on this issue. On the one hand, I object to the idea of 
your taking over copyright duties because I fear that you don't know 
what a huge task you're taking on and that you'll eventually quit the 
project altogether. :) But if you really think you want to do this, I 
don't object.

> In the meantime, if anyone here is thinking of sending any letters or
> emails to copyright holders please don't. As Barry says, it is
> counterproductive. Contact me with what you want to say and if it is 
> appropriate I will decide what to do.

Yes, please don't. It makes us look bad. I think I'm on record as having 
that position and being of the opinion that the whole premise behind the 
copyright page, as it stands now, is horrible. I'm unaware of any time 
that any letter writing campaign to release content has succeeded.

And the little "locked" links on the website should definitely go away. 
They're incredibly confusing to users and misrepresent the actual state 
of affairs.


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