Applying for copyright maintainer - cease and desist Re: [sword-devel] One thing That I would like to see...

Daniel Glassey dglassey at
Wed Feb 16 14:05:09 MST 2005

Bryan L. Fordham wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 05:50:20PM +0000, Barry Drake wrote:
>> The problem is that most of the copyright holders would be willing 
>> to negotiate an arrangement whereby The Sword Project would be 
>> allowed to purchase the right to sell modules.  Unfortunately there
>>  is no provision within the project for operating on a commercial 
>> basis.  So far, offers have been made to many of the copyright 
>> holders that we would make a locked module for them, and supply it 
>> to them free of charge so that they could then arrange their own 
>> distribution.  None of them have as yet taken up this option.
> I just sent off a request for permission to produce a Sword module 
> containing the NIV Bible. We'll see what they say. It would obviously
>  be a third-party module that would have to be purchased.

If you have $10,000 and can guarrantee royalties then they may discuss
it with you - that is what Zondervan require. afaik Zondervan sell their
own software with the NIV so I don't think they will sell a sword module
themselves. There are more translations than the NIV so if Zondervan
don't want to distribute it for our software that is their choice. I
know there are commercial bible software people (Hi guys :) ) on this
list and afaiu they haven't had it easy dealing with Zondervan, so don't
feel too bad that we aren't going to get the NIV.

>> Once again, could I say that a number of publishers (copyright 
>> holders) have been deeply upset by the cavalier attitude of some 
>> correspondents who have told them in the nastiest possible way that
>>  it is immoral to earn a living by selling the bible.  Please - if 
>> you write to copyright holders, try to be very restrained, and 
>> leave them the right to earn a crust or two!
>> Remember what Paul says about the Ox on the threshing floor!
> Yes. And remember that he never said the ox owned what he threshed. 
> 8)

OK, subject to anyone objecting I am asking to take over copyright
duties (I have emailed people already with some ideas but Troy is
offline at the mo).

In the meantime, if anyone here is thinking of sending any letters or
emails to copyright holders please don't. As Barry says, it is
counterproductive. Contact me with what you want to say and if it is 
appropriate I will decide what to do.

Anyone that has sent recent emails please forward them to copyright at
crosswire dot org


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