Applying for copyright maintainer - cease and desist Re: [sword-devel] One thing That I would like to see...

Bryan L. Fordham bfordham at
Wed Feb 16 18:09:44 MST 2005

Daniel Glassey wrote:

> If you have $10,000 and can guarrantee royalties then they may discuss
> it with you - that is what Zondervan require. afaik Zondervan sell their
> own software with the NIV so I don't think they will sell a sword module
> themselves. There are more translations than the NIV so if Zondervan
> don't want to distribute it for our software that is their choice. I
> know there are commercial bible software people (Hi guys :) ) on this
> list and afaiu they haven't had it easy dealing with Zondervan, so don't
> feel too bad that we aren't going to get the NIV.

Yes, I've read about the cost of if before. But I sent off the letters 

> OK, subject to anyone objecting I am asking to take over copyright
> duties (I have emailed people already with some ideas but Troy is
> offline at the mo).
> In the meantime, if anyone here is thinking of sending any letters or
> emails to copyright holders please don't. As Barry says, it is
> counterproductive. Contact me with what you want to say and if it is 
> appropriate I will decide what to do.

Dunno if that's aimed at me or not 8)

The letters I've sent (3 in total) have no editoralizing in them. I 
state what i want to do (make sword modules available) and ask about the 
cost of royalties. That's it. If they actually respond with something 
reasonable I'll make the modules and sell em onlien for the cost of the 
royalties. I don't think they'll respond with something reasonable, but 
hey they might prove me wrong.

I'm aware of the differences of the differences in opinion on this list. 
I'll try to avoid adding to the traffic by just posting mine on my 
website, since that's what it's for anyway 8)


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