[sword-devel] Borland C++

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Sat Feb 12 05:54:51 MST 2005

Hi Greg,

Any progress since mid-January? Unstuck?

I could try to put together a VC6 project for lookup.cpp if that would
be helpful. I can also track down some "baby step training wheel" code
I used to try to understand how the sword-api internals worked ...
"mini-diatheke" and "micro-diatheke"

At one point, there was an "ActiveDiatheke" project that could be
coaxed into being buildable and workable. I'm not clear if this has
anything to do with an earlier VB XPCOM quesiton you had. I can also
try to find and look that over, but it has been a year or so.

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> Well, I have been able to reference the statically compiled SwordLib
> a new project, but I have gotten stuck. The source code is from
> examples/cmdline/lookup.cpp and the following is a set of
> warnings/errors I get when it tries to link:
> Linking...
> msvcprt.lib(MSVCP71.dll) : error LNK2005: "public: int __thiscall
> std::ios_base::width(int)" (?width at ios_base@std@@QAEHH at Z) already
> defined in lookup.obj

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