[sword-devel] Borland C++

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue Feb 15 09:23:53 MST 2005

I wasn't able to get lookup.cpp to compile/link. Sorry.

There are two complete vc6 projects available that may help with your
"learning curve" to get up-to-speed with the sword-api. These are the
"training wheels" simplifications of diatheke. You may find them
helpful to be able to build a subset of the sword-api, and then be
able to use the vc6 debugger to step into code and see how it works.

It is especially applicable to see how "versification" is done to
convert a reference like John 3:16 into a file offset and length. The
uncompressed example is less complex than the compressed example.


SwordMiniDiathekeWithModules.zip can be unzipped anywhere. It is
"self-contained" with the uncompressed and compressed modules. The
libswordvc6.lib and libswordvc6d.lib have been built.

SwordMiniDiathekeWithoutModules.zip needs to be unzipped in the same
directory structure as Sword. It assumes a "standard development
directory layout", such as:


Some notes/caveats:
* The source files are from 1.5.6 and may not be completely current.
* These aren't for Borland C++, but rather for Visual C++ 6

HTH. Let me know if you have questions.

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> Lynn,
> I appreciate your reply. Nope, still stuck. Pretty much gave up and
> my email out of the dev mailing list because it didn't feel like I
am up
> to the task. Although I gave it up, I would consider giving it
> try if you have the time to help! But please don't feel like you
need to
> help. I'm very much in need of those training wheels :-)
> Thank you and God Bless <><
> Greg
> Lynn Allan wrote:
> >Hi Greg,
> >
> >Any progress since mid-January? Unstuck?
> >
> >I could try to put together a VC6 project for lookup.cpp if that
> >be helpful. I can also track down some "baby step training wheel"
> >I used to try to understand how the sword-api internals worked ...
> >"mini-diatheke" and "micro-diatheke"
> >
> >At one point, there was an "ActiveDiatheke" project that could be
> >coaxed into being buildable and workable. I'm not clear if this has
> >anything to do with an earlier VB XPCOM quesiton you had. I can
> >try to find and look that over, but it has been a year or so.
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> >
> >
> >>Well, I have been able to reference the statically compiled
> >>
> >>
> >in
> >
> >
> >>a new project, but I have gotten stuck. The source code is from
> >>examples/cmdline/lookup.cpp and the following is a set of
> >>warnings/errors I get when it tries to link:
> >>
> >>Linking...
> >>msvcprt.lib(MSVCP71.dll) : error LNK2005: "public: int __thiscall
> >>std::ios_base::width(int)" (?width at ios_base@std@@QAEHH at Z) already
> >>defined in lookup.obj
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >
> >

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