[sword-devel] Windows beta 1.5.8pre1

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 9 05:55:40 MST 2005

JSword is currently using Lucene to index the modules. We are planning 
to pre-computed the indexes as well. In the jsword-devel archives you 
will find threads on issues related to making the lucene index available 
for download. JSword is planning to make downloadable indexes available.

 From what I remember here are a few:
1) Indexes will need to be versioned to track
        a) module changes -- If a module changes, then the index will 
most likely be off. I say most likely because there are scenarios under 
which it will still be correct. I think the risk of having a bad index 
because it was not rebuilt is so high that the practice will be to 
rebuild when the module changes.
        b) application changes -- Lucene gives a lot of flexibility as 
to how an index is built and what is searchable, retrievable or stored 
in it. Any change in that strategy probably will require a new index.
        c) lucene library changes -- An index may be upwardly 
compatible, but not backwardly compatible. Because of this risk, I think 
it will be necessary to build the indexes with each version of the 
library that is currently being used. This probably will require a 
policy of the previous version, the current version and the next 
version, as used by Sword. (Or something like that)
2) The index built for sword is not usable by JSword and visa versa. At 
this point we are not sure why this is. It could be that the c and java 
versions of lucene don't build the same index for the same strategy or 
it may be that Sword and JSword use different strategies in building the 
index. In the earlier JSword threads, Sword was not considering having 
downloadable indexes. Since it is being discussed, perhaps we should 
collaborate on looking at and perhaps solving this issue.
3) The building of indexes is compute intensive. Building them on the 
crosswire server will need to be done in a  manner so as to not disrupt 
the services that crosswire provides.
4) We cannot presume our users have significant computing power. At 
least we have users with old laptops who want to use JSword. They may be 
limited by CPU Mhz, RAM and disk.
Chris Little wrote:

> Lynn Allan wrote:
... stuff deleted

>> I tried the "Create Index" for searching the ACV. It is still grinding
>> and taking a loooooong time ... almost seems locked up, but I'll wait
>> a while longer. Every minute or so, another block appears in the
>> "Progress Indicator" so this could take a while.  Seems a little more
>> than half done after 13 minutes on an older 933 mhz PIII ... done @ 25
>> minutes. Is this expected behavior?
> Yeah, for me, on a 1.5GHz P4-M, it took 20min to index the NASB. The 
> ACV just took me 18min. If we can't get the time down to a reasonable 
> level, we may post indexes for download (the NASB index is about 6.7mb 
> or 2.5mb zipped).

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