[sword-devel] Windows beta 1.5.8pre1

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 9 15:48:40 MST 2005

> > Hmmmm,  search for "Jesus" didn't find any matches. Found 932
> > No matches for "God"???
> I get 932 results on a search for Jesus in the ACV. I think your
> may have failed to build. Did you try to cancel it somehow?

Odd, I closed and reopened 1.5.8pre1 just now, and now it is finding
932 matches for "Jesus" in the ACV. So I guess the ACV index was
actually built. I'll try deleting the index and rebuilding and see
what happens.

I don't think I tried to cancel during the IndexBuild, but it was hard
to tell. The indexing almost locked the computer up ... running
Win-2000 sp4. 1.5.8 was complete unresponsive, but so were other open
applications ...  IE6, Outlook Express, Explorer, the windows Launch
bar. etc.. for the entire 25 minutes.

Also, it's not like there is a "Cancel" button on the dialog. I'm
pretty sure I didn't click on the upper right "X" to cancel the

Just about the only thing still responding during the duration of the
index building was the Task Manager (which runs at High Priority). It
was almost like the index building was running at high or real-time
priority and "starving" other user apps. I suspect an end-user would
be worried that their computer had crashed and press the "Reset"

Perhaps even odder, this perceived lockup was on a dual processor
computer. Watching the CPU usage graph, it is clear that IndexBuiding
is not multi-tasking and keeping both CPU's busy. It's not like there
were no CPU cycles to spare, even if "Index Building" was running at
RealTime priority. On a dual processor or HyperThreading computer,
IndexBuilding shouldn't starve other processes such that the computer
seems stalled out ...

Also, I could watch memory usage, and it didn't get into a "thrashing"
situation such that the apps were unresponsive because of unproductive
task switching. There was plenty of memory available.

Is some kind of "behind the scenes locking" going on?

I rebuilt ACV and it seems to be working.
+Lord +Jesus +Christ
finds 100 matches. Cool.

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