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Barry Drake b-drake at supanet.com
Wed Apr 27 07:54:10 MST 2005

Hi there ...........

DM Smith wrote:

> It appears that the whole configure thing to generate a Makefile is 
> way too complicated given the defines that Sword actually uses. 

It's not complicated at all.  You do need to use the command line 
though.  With the modification to the configure.ac file that Chris 
mentioned (you have to concatenate the def. for AC_CONFIG_FILES to one 
line and remove the backslashes) the whole thing builds with just three 
commands.  (You may need to take out the commands from the makefile to 
build diatheke and installmgr unless you have the libraries that they 
need).  The commands are: ./autogen.sh ./configure and make - honestly 
it's that easy.  That will build you the library as an archive, but it 
will not make you a dll.  If your IDE supports dll building, you might 
be able to make one.  I assume there is no provision for linking in a 
static library?

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