[sword-devel] MinGwin

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 08:40:35 MST 2005

Barry Drake wrote:

> Hi there ...........
> DM Smith wrote:
>> It appears that the whole configure thing to generate a Makefile is 
>> way too complicated given the defines that Sword actually uses. 
> It's not complicated at all.  You do need to use the command line though.

<sarcasm>Anything that requires a command line is just too 

>   With the modification to the configure.ac file that Chris mentioned 
> (you have to concatenate the def. for AC_CONFIG_FILES to one line and 
> remove the backslashes) the whole thing builds with just three 
> commands.  (You may need to take out the commands from the makefile to 
> build diatheke and installmgr unless you have the libraries that they 
> need).  The commands are: ./autogen.sh ./configure and make - honestly 
> it's that easy.  That will build you the library as an archive, but it 
> will not make you a dll.  If your IDE supports dll building, you might 
> be able to make one.  I assume there is no provision for linking in a 
> static library?

I got this far and got the static library. And I figured I would write 
an ant build file that would automate the generation of the makefile (if 
it did not exist) and its subsequent execution.

Dumb question: Are the *.o in the archive library what would be used to 
create a dll?

My fundamental problem is that I was hoping for a trivially simple 
solution where Eclipse with the CDT plugin (CDT makes C/C++ development 
possible in Eclipse) could be used to do Sword development (Sword API, 
BibleCS, tools, ....) I don't have the time to figure it out. I was also 
curious to see how far the CDT was in its development.

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