[sword-devel] MinGwin

Barry Drake b-drake at supanet.com
Mon Apr 25 00:23:37 MST 2005

DM Smith wrote:

> I was able to get Sword API to compile under Cygwin, but it did not 
> build a dll, rather a sa (if I remember). 

The makefile isn't intended to build a dll - the libsword.la that is 
produced is a static library archive.  It is simply a bundle of all the 
.o (object) files.  You can use ar to extract them if you want.    I 
haven't built the Sword library as a dll, but I would imagine Borland 
Builder 6 would be an easier way of doing that.  Alternatively, Dev-C++ 
has a facility for making dll's that might be easier to use than the 
command line utilities.

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