[sword-devel] How about the OT's standard versification at Sword ?

David dnr at crosswire.org
Sat Apr 23 13:40:19 MST 2005

Chris Little wrote:

> David wrote:
>> I do not think that Mr. Wolfgang Schultz intended to 'spam' the list. 
>> The Zefania schema is limited in many ways, however that is not to 
>> say that it does not have a purpose. I believe that there several 
>> programs that use the Zefania modules.
> He is advertising competing software on a developers' mailing list. He 
> has been asked in the past not to do so. Therefore, it is spam.
> This is not a general Bible software discussion list. This is a 
> developers' list. So whatever its purpose or level of adoption, its 
> discussion here is inappropriate.

I completely reject the idea of competing Christian Bible study software 
(if it is being developed by Christians). - Romans 12:4-5

However, if it is Mr. Schultz's intentions to compete that is of course 


>> Regardless of the rejection of those modules Mr. Schultz was kind 
>> enough to offer notify people on this list that they are available 
>> (that is to offer them to Sword). There are some that Sword does not 
>> have.
>> I do not think that anything will be anything lost in the conversion 
>> of the lexicons from Zefania to OSIS.
> You misunderstand. Nothing will be lost in the conversion from Zefania 
> to OSIS because OSIS is a robust and capable encoding standard. Data 
> is already lost in the conversion to Zefania, and that data can never 
> be retrieved without going back to the source documents.
Regardless of that, I do not see a better free source of lexicons for 
both greek, and hebrew. And I am not sure what data would be lost from 
the originals.
Mr. Schultz, if you are reading this are those lexicons considered to be 
in the public domain?

>> There should be cooperation, respect between all software engineers 
>> that are working to publish the Gospel. We are all united in purpose, 
>> aren't we?
>> A spirit of competition, or 'you do not work for us so you are not 
>> welcome' has no place in it. You are not working for Sword, you are 
>> working for God.
> Indeed. Unfortunately, there has not been a spirit of cooperation or 
> respect from those involved with Zefania. You can check the 
> sword-devel archives for some of the past behavior of Zefania 
> representatives. If you read German, you can check the MyBible forums 
> for some additional evidence that they are not exactly interested in 
> cooperation. And beyond that, you'll just have to take my word that 
> there have been private correspondences that bolster this position.
I can not read German, but I will take your work on that. To that I 
would say set the example, show them a better way. Perhaps they will 
respond accordingly.

> CrossWire has a number of relationships with software providers who do 
> not use Sword but to whom we have provided texts or support in various 
> other forms. Maybe you don't realize that because we don't tend to go 
> out of our way to brag about it, but the suggestion that we do not 
> cooperate with other vendors is quite off-base.
I did not suggest that there is no cooperation with other organizations. 
I am aware of some (probably not all) instances of cooperation with 
other organizations.

> --Chris
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