[sword-devel] How about the OT's standard versification at Sword ?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Apr 23 08:52:13 MST 2005

David wrote:
> I do not think that Mr. Wolfgang Schultz intended to 'spam' the list. 
> The Zefania schema is limited in many ways, however that is not to say 
> that it does not have a purpose. I believe that there several programs 
> that use the Zefania modules.

He is advertising competing software on a developers' mailing list. He 
has been asked in the past not to do so. Therefore, it is spam.

This is not a general Bible software discussion list. This is a 
developers' list. So whatever its purpose or level of adoption, its 
discussion here is inappropriate.

> Regardless of the rejection of those modules Mr. Schultz was kind enough 
> to offer notify people on this list that they are available (that is to 
> offer them to Sword). There are some that Sword does not have.

> I do not think that anything will be anything lost in the conversion of 
> the lexicons from Zefania to OSIS.

You misunderstand. Nothing will be lost in the conversion from Zefania 
to OSIS because OSIS is a robust and capable encoding standard. Data is 
already lost in the conversion to Zefania, and that data can never be 
retrieved without going back to the source documents.

> There should be cooperation, respect between all software engineers that 
> are working to publish the Gospel. We are all united in purpose, aren't we?
> A spirit of competition, or 'you do not work for us so you are not 
> welcome' has no place in it. You are not working for Sword, you are 
> working for God.

Indeed. Unfortunately, there has not been a spirit of cooperation or 
respect from those involved with Zefania. You can check the sword-devel 
archives for some of the past behavior of Zefania representatives. If 
you read German, you can check the MyBible forums for some additional 
evidence that they are not exactly interested in cooperation. And beyond 
that, you'll just have to take my word that there have been private 
correspondences that bolster this position.

CrossWire has a number of relationships with software providers who do 
not use Sword but to whom we have provided texts or support in various 
other forms. Maybe you don't realize that because we don't tend to go 
out of our way to brag about it, but the suggestion that we do not 
cooperate with other vendors is quite off-base.


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