[sword-devel] How about the OT's standard versification at Sword ?

David dnr at crosswire.org
Sat Apr 23 10:42:53 MST 2005

Chris Little wrote:

> Wolfgang Schultz wrote:
>> due of many mails requests, here i post where you can find  more 
>> facts about Zefania XML:
> This is still a development list. In other words, your spam is still 
> not welcome.
I do not think that Mr. Wolfgang Schultz intended to 'spam' the list. 
The Zefania schema is limited in many ways, however that is not to say 
that it does not have a purpose. I believe that there several programs 
that use the Zefania modules.

>> Zefania XML Biblemoduls coud be found at:
>> maybe one could convert some of it to sword moduls. :-)
> There are two problems with this idea:
> 1) Non-primary sources are still not acceptable. Mistakes are 
> frequently made in the process of conversion that result in the loss 
> of data.
> 2) The Zefania format is EXTREMELY lossy. 2.0RC is a great improvement 
> over the previous version, but it's still too simplistic. It doesn't 
> even seem to be able to encode paragraphs other than with <BR>, which 
> would make <BR> a heavily overloaded element. (Just one example that 
> struck me after 5 seconds of examining the schema.
Regardless of the rejection of those modules Mr. Schultz was kind enough 
to offer notify people on this list that they are available (that is to 
offer them to Sword). There are some that Sword does not have.

Troy had me working on a new Strong's Greek lexicon a couple of years 
ago, which I do not believe has been released yet. There are Greek, and 
Hebrew lexicons available at Mr. Schultz's site. Which include the 
original language words for the entries. Those would be nice to have as 
Sword modules.

I do not think that anything will be anything lost in the conversion of 
the lexicons from Zefania to OSIS.

There should be cooperation, respect between all software engineers that 
are working to publish the Gospel. We are all united in purpose, aren't we?
A spirit of competition, or 'you do not work for us so you are not 
welcome' has no place in it. You are not working for Sword, you are 
working for God.

I myself write Bible study software that does not use the Sword Api. 
That has not stopped me from being willing to help the Sword Project 
anyway that I could.

Costas Stergiou writes what I believe is the most popular Bible study 
software in Greece (which does not use the Sword Api). He has also been 
willing to help the Sword Project when he could. His native language is 
Greek, which I believe makes him the most qualified person on this list 
'that I know of' to help with Greek documents. A couple of things that 
Costas helped with was the NASB Greek Lexicon, and the new WHAC.

Let's try to be considerate of one another. I see no reason to believe 
that Mr. Schultz had anything other than good intentions.


> --Chris
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