[sword-devel] New Accented Greek NT with Morph

Will Thimbleby will at thimbleby.net
Thu Apr 21 01:56:13 MST 2005

I have the same problems. Here's what it looks like in Safari 1.2  

On 21 Apr 2005, at 1:22 am, DM Smith wrote:

> Under FC3/Firefox, the composed and decomposed forms show the same  
> behavior as under Firefox and WinXP. The composed has no problems. But  
> many of the accented characters are shorter. I guess that this makes  
> room for the accents. Under the decomposed form more letters have the  
> accents following. Looking at it carefully, it appears that the  
> letters that are shorter in the composed form are full sized in the  
> decomposed form and have the accents following. Those that were full  
> sized with accents in the composed form are accented in the decomposed  
> form.
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>>         I've spent some time cleaning up a module submitted by David  
>> (dnr at crosswire dot org) which uses the base Westcott-Hort Accented  
>> GNT from CCEL and merges in the morphology tags from Maurice  
>> Robinson's WHNU text (our WHNU module).  The result is an OSIS module  
>> that is fully UTF8 Accented Greek NT with Morphology.  I'm really  
>> excited about this and it has taken me way too long to process this  
>> work (sorry guys).  The only thing keeping this module from being the  
>> ULTIMATE replacement for our WHNU module is the lack of  
>> Nestle-Aland/UBS variants against the WH (the 'NU' part of our  
>> current WHNU module).  Without these variants, we still cannot  
>> produce the Greek text which is the predominant base text used for  
>> all modern Bible translation work.
>> But it's still really cool! :)
>> Now, having said all this, we still have problems with the current  
>> module.
>>     o Oddly, Unicode Greek encoding is not very standard.  With  
>> Hebrew, everyone expected the extra work to compose consonants and  
>> vowels and accents, etc. They've already done the work (well,  
>> mostly).  With Greek, there is a whole "Greek Extended" Unicode range  
>> defined containing precomposed characters.  Some renderers desire  
>> characters precomposed, others like to do the composing themselves.
>>     This issue makes things a little problematic.  Most resources  
>> (including the ICU Unicode library) claim that canonical normal form  
>> is precomposed for Greek, and my firefox browser under linux looks  
>> great showing precomposed characters.  IE running on _stock_ XP looks  
>> horrible.  If one webpage has Greek precomposed characters, and  
>> someone enters a search string in decomposed characters, they  
>> obviously will not match, unless someone behind the curtain is being  
>> smart about things-- we have the necessary filters in place to handle  
>> this, but we need to think about the best choices: a) strip all  
>> accents before searching; b) NFC both the search string and the text  
>> before searching
>>     I've spent some time making 3 Bibles available on our site: 1)  
>> unaccented; 2) accented precomposed; 3) accented decomposed
>>     Here is a link which should show all 3 in parallel (you can click  
>> on words for definitions if you'd like :)   ).
>> http://crosswire.org/study/parallelstudy.jsp? 
>> add=WHNU&add=WHAC&add=WHACD
>>     We've specified in the HTML that the encoding is UTF-8 so all  
>> browsers have a fighting chance :)
>>     If you have a chance, could you please spend some time trying  
>> this link with your browser and report your results and configuration  
>> AND ANYTHING YOU DO (with fonts or otherwise) that improves your  
>> viewing of the accented Bibles.
>>     Thanks to everyone who have contributed and I'm excited about  
>> this new work!
>>         -Troy.
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