[sword-devel] Still trying to get a build

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 13 16:53:02 MST 2005

Wade Maxfield wrote:
>    I'm still trying to get a build using BCB6.

Your problems can be explained by the fact that we still do not support 
BCB6 development. Sword development on Win32 is done in BCB5 still, and 
will continue to be until Troy gives the word that we can all switch.

Since BCB5 is what we use for building projects, it stays relatively 
well synchronized with Linux development. Since BCB6 is not actively 
used, it falls out of sync whenever someone doing Linux work adds files 
to the library (which they seem to like to do frequently).

There's the added issue of the CVS to SVN transition we did a while 
back. I don't think anyone has updated the BCB6 projects since then (but 
I could be wrong).

>      Finally, the Tutorial pointed to by previous links is broken, and
> I have not heard back from its author, so I expect that it won't be
> fixed.  It might be best to remove the tutorial in that case.

Which tutorial pointed to by which link(s), specifically?


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