[sword-devel] Still trying to get a build

Wade Maxfield wmaxfield at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 09:14:09 MST 2005


   I'm still trying to get a build using BCB6.

   I blew away everything and downloaded (using svn), biblecs, sword,
and icu-sword.

   I loaded everything into Borland BCB6, and it did not complain.

   However, it still won't compile.

   The problem is that you don't include  TntStdCtrls.hpp in your
source code tree (along with others, perhaps?)

   I suspect the problem is you are using the tntware.com development
packages, and don't realize this, as you've fixed that problem ages

   BTW I tried downloading the tntware packages for the tnt controls,
and they don't compile and install cleanly.  There is something
missing in them, and the author wrote back that he didn't understand
bcb6, so he couldn't help.

    So, what I'm asking for is 2 things:

    1) Please include enough in your source tree for a compile right
out of the box.  The tntware license will allow this, as I understand

     2) A tnt package set that I can install on BCB6 so I can do some
development work.

     Finally, the Tutorial pointed to by previous links is broken, and
I have not heard back from its author, so I expect that it won't be
fixed.  It might be best to remove the tutorial in that case.


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