[sword-devel] BCB6 Build Error

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 11 02:14:14 MST 2005

	I understand your frustration.  However, much of your trouble is lack 
of knowledge of your SVN client (Tortoise SVN, I presume).  It usually 
is beyond a project's getting started guide to familiarize a developer 
with their SVN client.

	The issue that you mention below is due to an outdated BCB6 project 
file-- our fault.  URL is a new class in the src/utilfuns/ directory and 
needs to be added to the library.  You can probably add it to the 
libsword project and be on your way.

	I'll spend some time right now to check out things in a VM to build 
with BCB6.  I'll check in my changes soon.  Be sure to ask your SVN 
client to do an update of the entire biblecs tree (right-click on 
biblecs top-level folder and select 'Update'), and you'll get my changes.

	Thanks for your persistence.  Hope we get you going.


Wade Maxfield wrote:
>   I finally got a build, of sorts.
>   after checking things out of SVN, and moving directories around from 
> where SVN places them, I got a build, with a linker error:
>   SVN creates a "trunk" directory. YOu have to move the files out of the 
> trunk directory up one level, and name the directory you are in icu-sword, 
> for the icu-sword stuff.  
> Linker Error] Unresolved external 'sword::URL::encode(const char *)' 
> referenced from C:\SRC\SWORD\LIB\LIBSWORD6ICU.LIB|thmlhtmlhref
>   I have no clue.  Anyone know what to do to fix this?
> thanks
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