[sword-devel] BCB6 Build Error

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 11 02:19:03 MST 2005

Wade Maxfield wrote:
>   I finally got a build, of sorts.
>   after checking things out of SVN, and moving directories around from 
> where SVN places them, I got a build, with a linker error:
>   SVN creates a "trunk" directory. YOu have to move the files out of the 
> trunk directory up one level, and name the directory you are in icu-sword, 
> for the icu-sword stuff.  

The correct way to check out an SVN repository (using Tortoise SVN) 
would be:

1) Right click in the directory you want to check out to and click "SVN 
2) Type the URL of the repository, which might be one of:
3) Type the directory for checkout if you intend it to be other than 
what is indicated. If you have an svn directory where all of your 
repositories will be held, you would specify subdirectories into which 
to checkout.
4) Choose between HEAD or a specific revision, if you have one it mind.
5) Click OK.

No moving is necessary if you follow these instructions. However, 
there's no problem with moving directories around like you did since all 
of the SVN information is contained within the directories containing 
the repository, so it travels well.


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