[sword-devel] BCB6 Build Error

Wade Maxfield maxfield at ctelcom.net
Sun Apr 10 11:59:03 MST 2005

  I finally got a build, of sorts.

  after checking things out of SVN, and moving directories around from 
where SVN places them, I got a build, with a linker error:

  SVN creates a "trunk" directory. YOu have to move the files out of the 
trunk directory up one level, and name the directory you are in icu-sword, 
for the icu-sword stuff.  

Linker Error] Unresolved external 'sword::URL::encode(const char *)' 
referenced from C:\SRC\SWORD\LIB\LIBSWORD6ICU.LIB|thmlhtmlhref

  I have no clue.  Anyone know what to do to fix this?


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