[sword-devel] Please help me: How to correctly import a text with different verse/chapter numbering?

Elmar Loos elInfo at gmx.net
Tue May 11 17:05:22 MST 2004


in the last days, I tried to import a text to sword, which has different
chapter/verse numbering than KJV. Because I found no documentation how
to deal with such texts, I tried to convert a module from crosswire.org
back to vpl and found various handling of verse numbering
differences (e. g.):

LXX:	Joel 2:28 (3:1)
GerSch:	Joel 2:28 <WTH3-1>
GerLut:	Joel 2:28 <FI> 3:1<Fi>

Searching in mailing-list archive, I only found out that different
numbering is an (already not solved) problem. So how should I import a
module (also regarding to future development)?



BTW: What is the difference between CVS at crosswire and sourceforge?
Have you got a viewcvs on the crosswire-tree?

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