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Tue May 11 11:27:48 MST 2004

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Subject: Re: Schlachter 2000 [and The CrossWire Society]
Date: Dienstag, 11. Mai 2004 00.46
From: "Lynn Allan" <paraclete at bibleinverse.org>
To: <norbert.gerschwiler at bluewin.ch>, <sword-support at crosswire.org>

[sword-support] Schlachter 2000
Hello Norbert Gerschwiler,

Thanks for contacting The SWORD Project with information about the
Schlachter 2000 ... and for your kind and encouraging feedback regarding
Bibletime.  I'm not sure if anyone responded to your much earlier e-mail
(Apr 17, 2004). Has there been further progress with this?

Unfortunately, I am not able to give you much of an answer beyond this. I am
basically going through the older, 'stale' questions and sending a courtesy
reply. You might want to re-send your email, or address it to
sword-devel at crosswire.org

For His glory and honor,
Lynn Allan

Dear Sir or Madam

Thanks for your website. I often use Bibletime with your bible modules and
very happy with it.

There is a new bible version called 'Schlachter 2000'. The Schlachter 2000
an exact word by word translation in a very easy and smoothly German.
The benefit is that it is based on textus receptus

Therefore I would be delighted if you could put this bible on your server.

your sincerely

Norbert Gerschwiler

Ps.: a download pdf version is on follow link:

See also     www.clv.de     or    www.bible.ch


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