[sword-devel] HELP WANTED

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun May 9 16:12:52 MST 2004

Hey guys and gals,

	With school finished up, I really want to commit the time necessary to 
helping as many people get involved who wish to do so, this summer.

	Please continue to pray about making a serious commitment to volunteer 
your time and take ownership of an area here at CrossWire.

	Working on these projects with you all has been a great opportunity for 
me to serve my Lord, and I'm sure you will grow in your experiences, as 

	The current todo list is available at:


	Specifically, the 'SWORD tasks' list has been updated as of today and 
reflects the current needs for getting a new CD finished-- our immediate 

	Thank you for considering taking the next step and making a commitment 
to help.  May God use you mightily as you seek to serve Him in 
everything you do-- here or elsewhere.


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