[sword-devel] Reguarding Targumim

Ryan Brant ryanjbrant at hotmail.com
Sun May 9 12:02:18 MST 2004

I am checking right now if i can make these public or if i can some how 
obtain a liscense for them. as soon as i get a reply i will let you know. 
Tigran Aivazian gives out various kinds of scripture for free. vitsit his 
website here www.bibles.org.uk/. he also has a photocopy (in color)  i might 
soon purchash from him of the Targum of onkelos. he has given me the go 
ahead to print an bind these for my own personal use.i am not sure what he 
feels about public use. i will ask and get back to you with this as well. he 
has awesome resourses avaliable.


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