[sword-devel] Other religions?

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 17:38:33 -0700

	To summarize from the earlier, longer responses:

	CrossWire is not interested, itself, in supporting multi-faith study.
	There is no need to modify the software to support this effort.
	The best way to do this would be to set up a separate repository of 
other texts.
	There is already a Quran module available in the beta area:



Mete Kural wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> It seems like there is some delay in the mailing list
> server so just in case some of you didn't receive my
> email, I am re-posting here:
> Hello Lee and All,
> I like Lee's suggestion. I think it would be great if
> SWORD was capable of multi-faith scripture study. I
> know of a regular multi-faith study group in Tucson,
> AZ where a Jewish group, a Christian group and a
> Muslim group gathers and the Jewish group leads the
> Torah study, the Christian group leads the New
> Testament study and the Muslim group leads the Quran
> study. I heard that it was pretty beneficial for all
> such that it has been going on for years without
> interruption.
> God willing I am willing to spend the effort to enable
> SWORD to be able to read the Quran. Please, those who
> are responsible of the administration of the SWORD
> project, let me know if you would like to pursue this
> project. I am willing to contribute as much as I can.
> God bless,
> Mete
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