[sword-devel] CVS Tree lost icu-sword branches

Jonathan Mickelson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 04 Apr 2004 01:20:49 -0500


I had commented out the offending lines in BibleCS and though it 
executed, all it did was show the splash screen, hide it, show the 
outline of the main form and immediately terminated.  I stepped thru the 
program, but it did not make sense as to why it quit 
application->run().  There were no exceptions and no errors.  In less 
than 20 steps, the program was finished executing.  I'm still too 
unfamiliar with the 30+ million lines of code the BCB6 said it compiled 
to produce a 4+MB executable (I know a lot of that was header files).

I've read the many forum postings concerning BCB6 issues and the one 
about the two good fellows who got BCB6 to work properly.  I had hoped 
that the code would have been tagged in the CVS tree as a milestone, so 
I went looking for that build knowing that the current CVS tree was in 
flux.  That's how I found "the rest of the story" concerning icu-sword.

 From the forum postings, I got the impression that BCB6 is the unwanted 
stepchild of the Sword project.  I don't mind hanging in there with BCB6 
if there's an actual desire to see it come to fruition.  However, It 
will take some coordination.

On the Linux side, I presume your are using KDE, KDevelop, Qt3 based on 
web site information for BibleTime.  Has that changed?

I'm impressed with the different projects that are going on 
(multiplatform development, language modules, flash cards/tutors, 
serious web interface development and various side projects that I'm 
picking up on).  I can tell that development is moving at a break neck 
pace with a lot of excitement behind the scenes about the progress that 
is being made on some really cool pet projects that really raise the bar 
for this genre of software.  Is there a list of the various projects and 
who is working on them?  BTW, who has responsibility for BibleCS?  I'm 
guessing that Joachim has responsibility for BibleTime.

I'm surprised at Borland for making BCB6 non-backwards-compatible with 
BCB5.  Any insight as the the major differences and pifalls?

Finally, I've taken a look at BibleStudy's source code using wxWindows 
last updated April 2003.  Is there any thought of having a basic 
cross-platform frontend for sword among the core developers -OR- is it 
preferred that everyone have the privilege of creating their own 
front-end for the platforms they want to use.  I haven't figured out the 
end-goal yet.  My observations are that all the slick, frontline 
development is put into BibleTime with all the other applications 
playing catch up.  This implies there is intimate development 
cooperation between BibleTime developers and SWORD API developers.  
Wonderful! It makes for a great team.  If this is indeed the case, what 
do we do with BibleCS?

If BibleTime is the avant guard of Crosswire's development, it would 
behoove us keep permanent milestones of working libraries that the rest 
of the Crosswire family can code to while BibleTime forges ahead with 
the latest and greatest.  This would allows hobbyists and other 
researchers to develop their own custom application based on a stable 
API set and upgrade later if and when they desire.  How do you envision 
all this working?  Is there already a model in place that I've missed? 

I'm really intrigued to know the inside scoop cause I'm picking up a lot 
of excited activity on the radar.

- Jonathan

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Jonathan,
>     Thank you for your persistence.
>     I'm a little confused...
>     I thought, from your last message, that you had BibleCS built, and 
> ran into a current bug.  If you don't want to track down the 
> destructor bug that I mentioned, I can try to fix it for you.  I think 
> it should simply involve moving the save functionality from the d-tor 
> of the bookmark form to a method that we call from the closewindow 
> event of the main form.  This should assure that the library has not 
> started destruction yet.
>     Though, I would always promote switching over to linux 
> development. :)
>     Please let us know specifically where you are having problems and 
> how we might be able to help.
>     -Troy.