[sword-devel] CVS Tree lost icu-sword branches

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 03 Apr 2004 18:32:36 -0700


	Thank you for your persistence.

	I'm a little confused...

	I thought, from your last message, that you had BibleCS built, and ran 
into a current bug.  If you don't want to track down the destructor bug 
that I mentioned, I can try to fix it for you.  I think it should simply 
involve moving the save functionality from the d-tor of the bookmark 
form to a method that we call from the closewindow event of the main 
form.  This should assure that the library has not started destruction yet.

	Though, I would always promote switching over to linux development. :)

	Please let us know specifically where you are having problems and how 
we might be able to help.


Jonathan Mickelson wrote:
> Troy,
> The latest biblecs is too far out of sync with the latest sword and 
> icu-sword.  BCB6 appears not to be a viable development environment for 
> Sword
> I tried building SwordWin 1.5.6 by pulling "sword-1-5-6" from the cvs 
> tree for sword, icu-sword, and biblecs.
> While sword and biblecs existed, icu-sword does not.  I tried pulling 
> tag "sword-1-5-7" for icu-sword to no avail.
> The source for the last production version of "Sword Project for 
> Windows" ver 1.5.6 does not appear to exist anymore.
> Is there any source code that actually builds a working copy of 
> Sword/Win currently available anywhere?
> Or should I abandon Sword/Win and switch over to Linux Sword API?
> - Jonathan
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