[sword-devel] Probs. w/SWORD API with C++Builder 6.0

Lynn Allan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 2 Apr 2004 07:05:23 -0700

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to the CrossWire Bible Society.

In late 2003, I went through the "learning curve" for rebuilding BibleCS
using CBuilder6. If it would be helpful, I can share some links and TWiki
hints/shortcuts. My understanding is that there have been a number of
improvements in the documentation and project files, and  so it isn't quite
the daunting endeavor it used to be.

Something you might consider getting involved in ... the LcdBible
"frontend". One of its objectives is to provide a "newbie friendly"
situation which might simplify the "learning curve" for eventually
participating The SWORD Project development. It uses an "experimental
plug-in subset" of the vastly comprehensive sword-api.

Here is a link to an earlier post, "Recruiting volunteers to help with
LcdBible project":

and a webpage link:

For His glory and honor,
Lynn Allan

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> Joachim - Thanks for your answers!
> Remaining questions for anyone with answers:
> I'm running into to numerous snags with building sword and the other
> modules using C++ Builder 6.  Is this common?  Also, are there any
> components that need to be installed?  Are there any extra steps needed
> to establish a golden development environment?
> And finally, what and where is the source for the last stable build
> (1.5.6)?  I'd like to start with that unless that is going too far
> backwards.  I'm trying to shorten the learning curve by playing with a
> working model.
> Thank you,
> Jonathan
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