[sword-devel] The Sword Project for Palm OS?

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And while were at it I think the navigation should be cleaned up, Olive
Tree's navigation works good we should change it to something like that. I
actually had a far out idea that would speed up finding a place in the bible
tenfold. But I never tested it to see how feasible it was. If anyone is
going to start coding for this project send me an email and I will try to
explain it, remember I said it was far out ;-)
David Trotz

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> I don't think this will answer all of your questions, but...
> Back some time ago I played around with creating commentary modules for
> Bible Reader.  How you do it is - with Diaspora check the PBR, select
> (Bible or commentary only - dictionaries won't work) to convert.  The
> following will be a text file.  Then you use BibleConverter to convert the
> text files into a .pdb
> Poetry used to have a page explaining the markup.  The file I attached is
> Mat. 1:1-20 of Family Bible Notes of Diaspora output of PBR.
> There are several problems I ran into while trying to do this some time
> back.  One, the BibleConverter would choke if you tried to convert a file
> bigger than about 2 MB.  I was browsing around with the Java help files
> recently and found out there is some heap size setting (xms?) that you can
> do - but I couldn't get it too work for me.
> Also, Palm OS has a limitation of 64KB per record.  Back when I was trying
> to convert modules, I had to break up Clarke' comments on some verses into
> several verses in order to get it to work.  If I didn't, the program would
> crash.  Another limitation of Bible Reader is that you can have a maximum
> 12 modules.  That is a serious limitation, especially if the
> BibleConverter problem cannot be fixed.  I had to cut Clarke's commentary
> into six modules to get it working on Bible Reader.
> Another limitation of Bible Reader that I would like to see addressed is
> copy feature.  Right now, you can copy a verse or a page.  I would prefer
> being able to copy exactly what text I wish to copy.
> David