[sword-devel] The Sword Project for Palm OS?

David Woods sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 00:19:57 -0600

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I don't think this will answer all of your questions, but...

Back some time ago I played around with creating commentary modules for
Bible Reader.  How you do it is - with Diaspora check the PBR, select module
(Bible or commentary only - dictionaries won't work) to convert.  The
following will be a text file.  Then you use BibleConverter to convert the
text files into a .pdb

Poetry used to have a page explaining the markup.  The file I attached is
Mat. 1:1-20 of Family Bible Notes of Diaspora output of PBR.

There are several problems I ran into while trying to do this some time
back.  One, the BibleConverter would choke if you tried to convert a file
bigger than about 2 MB.  I was browsing around with the Java help files
recently and found out there is some heap size setting (xms?) that you can
do - but I couldn't get it too work for me.

Also, Palm OS has a limitation of 64KB per record.  Back when I was trying
to convert modules, I had to break up Clarke' comments on some verses into
several verses in order to get it to work.  If I didn't, the program would
crash.  Another limitation of Bible Reader is that you can have a maximum of
12 modules.  That is a serious limitation, especially if the aforementioned
BibleConverter problem cannot be fixed.  I had to cut Clarke's commentary up
into six modules to get it working on Bible Reader.

Another limitation of Bible Reader that I would like to see addressed is the
copy feature.  Right now, you can copy a verse or a page.  I would prefer
being able to copy exactly what text I wish to copy.


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<BIBLE NAME=3D"Family" INFO=3D"Family Bible Notes" ALIGN=3D"LEFT">
<VERSE><BOOKTEXT>Matthew<CHAPTEXT>Chapter 1<VERSTEXT>Generation; a =
record of the persons from whom, as a man, Jesus Christ descended. =
Records like this, and that in the third chapter of Luke, were carefully =
kept by the Jews, and showed that Jesus Christ was of the seed of =
Abraham, of the tribe of Judah, and of the family of David, according to =
the predictions of the prophets and the promises of God in the Old =
Testament; and thus they exhibit evidence that he is the true Messiah, =
the Saviour of men.</VERSE>
<VERSE><VERSTEXT>Jordan begat Ozias; between Joram and Ozias--the Uzziah =
of the Hebrew--three kings are omitted, namesly, Ahaziah, Joash, and =
Amaziah. See note of Mt 1:17.</VERSE>
<VERSE><VERSTEXT>Josias begat Jechonias; here Eliakim, son of Josiah and =
father of Jechonias, is omitted. See note on Mt 1:17.</VERSE>
<VERSE><VERSTEXT>Christ; the meaning of the word Christ is, Anointed. =
Persons who were set apart and consecrated to a public office under the =
Old Testament were, in many cases, anointed with oil, in token of their =
being endued by the Holy Spirit to fit them for their duties. So Christ =
having been appointed and consecrated of the Father to the office of =
Redeemer, is called in Hebrew, the original language of the Old =
Testament, the Messiah; in Greek, the original language of the New =
Testament, the Christ; and in English, the Anointed; all meaning the =
same thing: one set apart of God to the office of Redeemer, and divinely =
qualified for its fulfilment.</VERSE>
<VERSE><VERSTEXT>Fourteen generations; the equality of the =
numbers--fourteen generations thrice repeated--is made out by certain =
omissions. See notes on Mt 1:8,11. This squaring of numbers in the =
construction of genealogical tables seems to have been a common =
expedient for the assistance of the memory. In determining, however, the =
names to be omitted, the framers of these tables were doubtless guided =
by particular reasons. Thus some suppose that the three kings, Ahaziah, =
Joash, and Amaziah, were left out of the Jewish tables on account of =
their connection, through Athaliah, with the accursed house of =
<VERSE><VERSTEXT>On this wise; after this manner.
Espoused to Joseph; engaged to be married to him.
Before;before they were actually married.
Of the Holy Ghost; the conception of Jesus Christ was miraculous, and =
effected by the power of God, according to his declaration, "A body hast =
thou prepared me."Heb 10:5. Though the fulfilment of the promises of God =
may be long delayed, in due time they will be accomplished. Implicit =
faith in God's word, and patient waiting for its fulfilment, are wise; =
for though heaven and earth pass away, his word will not pass =
<VERSE><VERSTEXT>A public example; not willing to have her punished =
according to the law. De 22:21
Put her away privily, by writing a bill of divorcement, according to De =
<VERSE><VERSTEXT>Son; descendant of David. Kindness, conscientiousness, =
and a disposition to do right, with a calm, attentive consideration of =
the whole subject, in a case of difficulty, are a good preparation for =
learning the will of God concerning it.</VERSE>