[sword-devel] Tok Pisin Bible update + revised markups

Rev. Michael Paul Johnson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 11 Jan 2003 15:11:14 +1000

I have done a little bit of repair work on the Tok Pisin Bible text, correcting some inconsistencies having to do with quotation marks. I probably won't upload it to where you can reach it for a little over a week, however, because of the cost of the Internet connection from where I'm currently traveling.

I have tweaked my GBF to XSEM converter to comply more precisely with the XSEM standard. I have also added some tags to GBF and altered the GBF spec at http://eBible.org/bible/gbf.htm to directly feed some fields in XSEM that GBF didn't have in a structured manner. I'll upload revised GBF and XSEM versions of the WEB, HNV, ASV, KJV, and probably the Tok Pisin Bible when I get back to my more cost-effective Internet connection.

I have revised my GBF to SF converter to properly handle verse bridges (needed for the Tok Pisin Bible). Again, revised output and source code to follow.

FYI, the GBF to XSEM and GBF to SF converters are LGPL code written in C# on the .NET platform.

Rev. Michael Paul Johnson
Servant of Jesus Christ