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Sun, 8 Sep 2002 15:08:09 -0700

	I know I am replying to my own message, but I found a bug that
is at least contradictory to what is in the current help file. I created
a *.svl file containing "Matthew 4:1-11;". It displayed in the main part
of the window, "Matthew 4:1" and in the bottom portion of the window,
Matthew 4 through Matthew 5:47, which oddly enough is the second to last
verse of that chapter. Did I make a mistake with how I made up that
*.svl file, or is it a bug in the sword RC3 program I am using or both?
Also is there any way to select what module, or to use multiple modules
at the same time.

	I have a large (right now about 125 entries) concordance project
that I am working on, and I am using some of the Sword parts to assist
me with it. Currently I do not have a link to it out on the internet at
all, but I have had strong desires to make it much bigger and more
versatile. The reason why I am so curious about this *.svl list thing,
is because I am thinking of integrating a concept of using the verse
lists with my concordance, in addition to having the links go to a local
(to the server) copy of diatheke. My hopes with this is that I could
make it portable and not require the server to work.

By the grace of God,
Daniel Adams

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I was just playing around with things and have a couple of questions
relating to the RC3 release.

1.  I know that I suggested it relating to the bottom portion of the
search window, (and subsequently the verse list window) but what is the
current status of the text displayed in the preview pane area? Is it the
verse before the selected verse and the verse after, or how much text is
being displayed? Also is there a way to choose how much text is

2. I was playing around with this SVL (Sword Verse List) thing, and I
really like the feature. Is the a way to launch a window from the
command line displaying a specific SVL, I am wondering so that I can
have it linked to some other materials? Also, is there any way to
specify which module is displayed with a certain verse list?

3. Another idea I had was that if it was possible to make a script or
some other way possible, (I could do this if desired) to add some
functionality to these files to the registry. If these are plain, (or
semi-plain) ASCII text files, then it might be nice to add other program
functionality in for the files.

By the grace of God,
Daniel Adams