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Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 6 Sep 2002 16:41:11 +0100

Good news ;)
Just a couple of things to add.

But first, this is not meant to be a troll, so if you want to reply to this in a flameful way to 
what I say for further down please just reply to me privately or wait until the celebration 
of the release of 1.5.4 is over ;)

The ABS are major participants in the OSIS initiative (XML format for scripture and 
associated works) that Troy is involved in, and like 1.5.4 is due for a public release any 
day. I don't know if they are planning to make an OSIS version of the CEV/Good News 
themselves but this might be a good testbed for module creation/conversion tools for 

The other thing is a request for prayer wrt to the terms and conditions. I would be 
surprised if they didn't have some kind of 'no modification allowed' clause, or restricted 
copying or restricted printing. The advantage of Open Source is a potential disadvantage 
in this case. There is very little or nothing that can be done to stop people doing what they 
like with the text. Oh, and we'd probably have to stop diatheke etc. from using the module.

The most that I can think of that we can offer is to do what they want in the 'official' 
sword software and distribute a licence with it that says it can't be redistributed and can 
legally be used with 'official' software that conforms to their license terms - basically we 
would want something that puts the onus on policing copyright infringement on them.

If we can come to an agreement with ABS that works for them as a bible society and us as 
free/open software developers/users then this might open the floodgates for allowing us 
to distribute/sell/buy texts from a lot of other bible societies.

Even if these concerns aren't relevant in this case with the CEV/GNB,  we have a support 
request to distribute bibles in Indian languages that have the same issue. So if anyone has 
_constructive_ ideas, they'd be much appeciated.


P.S. Many thanks for this Barry.

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> Dear Sir,  We will carefully consider your request outlined below and
> respond by listing our terms and conditions.  We thank you for your 
> interest
> in the Good News and the CEV. 
> With blessings,
> Carl
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> Hi there .....
> I have been looking recently - and enjoying - the Contemporary English
> Version.  I notice that it is available as part of the e-sword bible.  I
> wonder, would you consider allowing it to be made as part of the Sword
> Project (no connection with e-sword)?  I would be happy to build the module
> if you will allow this.  If you are not familiar with the Sword Project, 
> you
> might like to look at: http://www.crosswire.org/sword/
> If you are willing, I would first build the module (hoping that you would 
> be
> able to supply the CEV to me in either plaintext, html or similar format to
> download).  I would then make the module available to you to check before
> asking our development team to test.  Then and only then would we release 
> if
> we had your full permission to do so.  We would be happy to carry the CEV 
> as
> part of our project, or to give it to you so that you could make it
> available from your website.
> Please give prayerful consideration to this request.  I confirm that the
> Sword Project is entirely voluntary in nature, and that no money is made by
> any member of the team from this project.
> Barry
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