[sword-devel] MacSword and book problems

Will Thimbleby sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 14:57:39 +0000


I've been struggling for a while to get MacSword to show only the books 
in a module, and only have just realised, that it could (and probably 
is) the modules themselves. In MacSword, at least modules such as BHS 
and LXX think they have a NT, and modules such as ISV think it has an 
OT, Family thinks that it contains the whole NT, when it seems to stop 
after Titus. Is this a problem with my program or the modules? Any help 
would be appreciated.

On another note a minor update to MacSword is available, ToolTips are 
now more refined and should function fully. Other numerous bugs are 
fixed as well, including proper Right to Left text rendering with verse