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Martin Gruner
Mon, 4 Nov 2002 21:29:54 +0100

Hi all,

I got 2 things to report/suggest.

1) The NA27U4 module does not seem to work for me with cvs bt and sword, 
although the correct key is set. Other modules (Afr1983) do. Can somebody 
verify this? Is this a sword 1.5.5 thing?

2) Lanugage issues.
Atm there is only one config entry per module describing the language that is 
used in this module. While we changed the font configuration in BT to 
per-language font configuration (which seems sensible), we noticed a 
shortcoming: the main language of a module often not covers the module 
entirely. As for the glossaries, atm the keys are in the main language (e.g. 
af) , the entry texts are not (atm English). This may create problems when 
users select strange fonts necessary for a certain language, but see the 
english text displayed ugly. Also, in the beta BDB there are hebrew keys at 
the end of the nnumber key list, but there is no way to set a correct font 
for these, because the program can only assume they are English, the module's 

Ways out of this might be
a) Use the appropriate foreign language tags in the entry texts whenever 
necessary (such as a hebrew word in the explanation) -- easy.
b) The keys create a more difficult problem. We could either have some markup 
in the keys themselves (like a lang tag) or some member of the SWKey object 
indicating the language of that key. I don't mind how this would be done 
internally. It might be possible to set some kind of key ranges with a 
language in the conf file or something.

These are issues that need be dealt with for further proper language support. 
Thank you for your investigation and suggestions.