[sword-devel] Support Issues: Font and Verse Lookup Problems

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 17 May 2002 07:58:41 +0200


thanks for pointing this out. I agree, something should be done.
For me (and other non-english users?) BibleCS is completely unusable, as 
stated already. I would be very happy if the critical issues could be fixed 
soon and a new binary could be released. I cannot pass the cd on as it is.


Am Freitag, 17. Mai 2002 06:54 schrieb Jonathan Hughes:
> Hey Everyone,
> 	There have been a lot of support e-mails on the sword-support mailing
> list about the problems in The SWORD Project for Windows 1.5.3. But I
> don't see any of these questions being answered on the list. What is the
> current status of looking at these bugs? Is there something we can give
> to these people that will let them know the approximate time frame in
> which these bugs will be fixed? I am just looking for anything we can
> tell them so that their e-mails don't just seem to disappear. How
> frustrating that would be as a user. Thanks to whoever can provide some
> light. Here is an example of a support e-mail about these problems:
> I reciently downloaded the latest version of the sword project. I'm in
> Windows 98. The problems are that "Websters Dict" is in some type of
> text, font,  etc that is really hard to read. Letters are bent, slanted,
> etc and very hard to work with. This is the only module that has come
> this way. The other thing is that if i select say; John 3:16, (example),
> it will pull up John 3:21 or 3:22. It's always about five verses off.
> The origional verson of the Sword Project did not have this
> problem.--Can you give me some light on these problems?
> In Christ,
> Jonathan H.
> jhughes@crosswire.org